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Maple Shoppe

Gifts and More...

Our gift shop is located in the 1850’s stone farm house, nestled in the middle of our beautifully landscaped farm. 

The shop features a wonderful selection of Stanley’s Maple products, house made dressings and fresh baked goods.

We now offer farm raised beef. We have a selection of cuts, including hamburg, steaks, roasts as well as burgers and meatballs.  All our beef is certified, and larger cuts are available by request.

The gift shop is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am to 3pm, during the annual Sugarbush season and from 2 pm until the last run during our annual Christmas Village season.

Outside of these hours, it’s by appointment only – call 613-821-2751.

gifts at maple shoppe

Our Maple Syrup

Plastic Jugs

250ml – $11.00
500ml – $16.00
1 Litre – $25.00
2 Litres – $45.00
4 Litres -$82.00

shelves with maple products
shelves with bottles of maple syrup

Glass Bottles

100ml – $8.00
250ml – $12.00
500ml – $17.00
1 Litre – $26.00

Specialty Bottles

We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of bottles, in seasonal designs. Visit the Stonehouse Gift Shoppe for selection and pricing.

Olde Maple Lane™ Products

Stanley’s Hot Hot Maple Mustard – $9.00
Stanley’s Maple Red Pepper Jelly – $11.00
Stanley’s Maple Balsamic Dressing – $6.00

Stanley’s Maple Mustard Dressing – $6.00
Maple Pepper & Seasonings – $8.00
Maple Candied Cashews & Peanuts – $4.00 and up
Maple Chocolate Bars – $2.00 and up
Stanley’s Maple BBQ Sauce – $9.00

Maple Butter – $12.50

Stanley’s Maple Garlic Ginger Sauce – $6.00

Stanley’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Sipping Syrup – $15.00
Stanley’s Maple Granulated Sugar – $10.00
Soft & Hard Maple Candies – $1.25 and up
Maple Tea – $5.00 and up
Stanley’s Maple Cookies – $6.00
Stanley’s Maple Cinnamon Buns – $7.00
Stanley’s Maple Fudge – $5.50
Stanley’s Maple Butter Tarts – $7.00

Products & Quantities are subject to seasonal availability. Prices subject to change. 

Farm Raised Beef

We have a wide selection of government inspected beef, and we use a local family owned abattoir that we have worked with for years.

We have a selection of cuts, including ground beef, steaks and roasts, all frozen. Also available, burger patties and meatballs.

Our beef is also available by the side or the quarter cut and can be ordered to family size specifications.

pasture with beef cows
close up of beef steak


Ground Beef $5.00/lb

Steaks $14/lb

Meatballs (20 cocktail) $10

House made burger patties available in 3 flavours 6 per $16.50

  • Maple Mustard
  • Apple Cheddar
  • Steak Spice

Quarter – including ground beef, stewing beef, tenderloin, rib steak, T-bone steak, cross rib roast, rump roast, inside round roast & sirloin roast. $9.00/lb (approx 80 – 100 lbs of mixed front and back)

Side – approx 150 to 225 pounds $8.75/lb

Whole – approx 300 to 600 pounds $8.50/lb

Family Combo pack – an assortment of cuts – $200