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Sugar Bush

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Sugarbush & Pancake House Closed Until 2024

THANK YOU to each person that came out this Spring and helped us have an amazing Sugarbush Season! We look forward to seeing you all again in Spring 2024!

Sugarbush 2023 Activities

Our sugar shack is an age-old log cabin, with a wood-burning evaporator, go inside and learn how maple sap becomes syrup. The sugar shack has been used to make maple syrup for over 200 years.

Hop on a tractor-drawn ride and be taken through an area of our farm and Sugarbush not accessible on foot!

Check out our small museum and learn about the history of farm life in the early 20th century. There are even lots of objects on display that were found right here on the farm.

Don’t forget to swing by the Heritage Barn, built in 1867, to visit our animals. They love making new friends!

Come take a walk through approx. 2km worth of trails that will lead you through our beautiful property.

* Please note we are a working farm. The trails are only open on weekends when the farm is open to the public. We ask that you please stay on the marked trail *

Check out the activity center to play some games and learn more about how maple syrup is made!

Visit the Snack Shack inside Malcolm’s Trough and grab a warm drink and a sweet snack! 

Of course we could never forget about taffy on the snow. Our Taffy Shack will be making and serving Maple Taffy all day long!

Food and drink is not included with admission. No outside food is permitted on the grounds.


Although it will be a little bit different than before our pancake house will be welcoming guests for a traditional pancake breakfast for the first time since 2020! While we can no longer offer the all-you-can-eat buffet our cafeteria style menu will still feature the same Stanley’s Family Recipe Pancakes and maple syrup that you know and love alongside some traditional sugarbush breakfast items. 

NO RESERVATIONS | Admission is required to access the Pancake House.

The pancake house is open from 9am – 1:30pm

Allergies & Sensivities

Although our recipes do not include nuts or nut products & we take precautions, since we are open to the public, it is impossible to guarantee that our products have not come into contact with peanuts, nuts or other allergens.

We encourage anyone with food sensitivities, allergies, or special dietary needs to check with Management for an up to date list of ingredients.

Your welfare is our first concern.

Our Pet Policy

Out of the safety & concern for our guests & farm animals, we cannot allow dogs or any other pets (with the exception of licensed service animals) on the property.