Pricing Information

We specialize in customized weddings & events here at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm. By offering all of our clientele the freedom to personalize practically every detail of each event – from Tables & Chairs, Linens & Decor, Menu & Dishware, to Ceremony Services & Setup, Floor plans & Room Design, Music & Entertainment, Specialty Services & more – we can ensure that the finished product reflects their unique taste, style & budget!

For that reason you won’t find predetermined “seasonal” packages or standardized price lists on our website. We prefer a more personable approach! We start with an in person consultation – where we can show you around our beautifully landscaped property, walk through our three freshly-renovated venues, and then sit down together in our cozy event design studio, to build a customized quote based on exactly what you want & need.

Tips to help with your planning…

Trying to figure out your guest count…
A) Don’t forget about the kids!
Children between the ages of 2 -12 years are billed out at 40% less than an adult meal. Children under 2 years old eat for free (sharing their parents meal)
Don’t forget the wedding party!
Your bridesmaids, groomsmen & yourselves need to be included in all guest counts. It’s amazing the number of couples who forget!
Don’t forget about your vendors!
Dj’s, Bands, Photographers, Videographers, even some officiants & ministers have dinner as part of their contracts.

Choosing a Venue
We don’t’ have guest minimums, but we will make suggestions as to which venue would work best for you, based on your guest count. The Stonehouse Hall is best for groups of 70 or less, The Tent for groups of 70-150, The Maples for groups of 80-250. However if you really love a certain venue we’ll be happy to work out a price for you!
The Southlawn Tent is only available from Victoria Day weekend through Thanksgiving weekend.

The Stonehouse Hall has a reduced capacity of 50 guests from November through February.
The Maples Hall & The Stonehouse Hall both offer the option to get ready on site with the included “Bridal Retreat”. The Southlawn Tent does not have this option available.

Working with a modest budget? (under $10,000)
Peak season dates at Stanley’s average $125-$160 per guest prior to taxes & gratuities (based on 100 guests or more) Consider a weekday, Friday or Sunday wedding (not on a long weekend). Or a cocktail style or brunch reception to help reduce costs. Full service** weddings can save as much as $2000* by choosing an off day.

Ceremony Times
2pm, 3:30pm, & 5pm are the three ceremony times we offer. These give our clients a dinner time of 5pm, 6pm & 7:30pm respectively. We can host weddings earlier or later in the day at 1 ½ hour intervals – for example, 12:30pm or 6:30pm etc

Open/Host Bars can be pricey!
We recommend budgeting a minimum $35-$50 per person for a standard Open Bar.
You may also want to consider a ‘Toonie’ Bar. This can help reduce drink prices for your guests AND help stretch your beverage budget further. We recommend budgeting $20-$30 per person for a standard ‘Toonie’ Bar.

Homemade Wine Vs House Wine
Stanley’s House wine starts at $19.50 per bottle. We recommend 1 bottle of wine for every 3 guests. Homemade wine is welcome, but requires the house bar to be closed during dinner service & speeches. A $200 service & storage fee as well as a special occasions permit ($25) is required for homemade wine service. Wine ordered through our License at the LCBO is subject to a 80% mark up on the current list price.

Specialty services
Our specialty services such as Horse drawn carriages, fireworks shows, bon fires, candy buffet services, and guest shuttle transportation more add a great “Wow” to your big day. These services are those little added “extras” and range from $225-$2500 depending on which & how many you choose.

Offsite Catering
Working with your own preferred caterer is an option in the Stonehouse Hall & the Southlawn Tent. All offsite caterers are required to show proof of health inspection, business license & $2,000 000 in liability insurance prior to being permitted to work on the farm. We do not allow pot-luck or homemade catering. Speak with one of our coordinators for more details.

Sit Down Vs Buffet
Sit down meals are often times more budget friendly when compared to a buffet style meal. Buffets are great for BBQ, casual gatherings & brunches. Sit-downs work best for dinners & more formal gatherings. Full catering services (Cocktail hour menu, dinner & late night snack range from $60-95 per person depending on options & styles chosen.

Cocktail Hours Snacks & Late night Snack… do I really need them
Yes! Happy guests are well fed guests, especially when there is alcohol involved. These options don’t have to be expensive, but legally when you are serving booze you need to provide them with some sustenance. Candy buffets, Popcorn bars or chips & pretzels don’t quite cut it, but they make a great addition! Plan to spend $8-$15 per person, each for cocktail hour & late night.

Stanley’s Decor vs DIY
We have a wonderful array of centerpieces, candleholders, cupcake stands, backdrops, signage & accent pieces for you to choose from. All of our packages are customized to meet your unique taste & style. By booking a décor package through Stanley’s we take care of all the setup, clean up & planning. No Stress, no need to find family & friends to set up and tear down the day of your wedding and event better, no need to try to store oversized boxes or sell 25 centerpieces online later!

Stanley’s Vendors vs DIY
We work with a fantastic selection of vendors who will help make your day perfect. By booking your minister/officiant, DJ, Band or Shuttle Bus transportation through Stanley’s you’re guaranteed fantastic service, from a licensed professional who knows Stanley’s inside & out! Also in the case of illness or emergency they will have someone to back them up, so you’re not left scrambling.

To Wedding Planner or not to Wedding Planner
You’re more than welcome to hire a planner, but if you’re hosting a full service wedding through Stanley’s, there really isn’t any need. We currently have 3 WPIC certified wedding planners on staff. We arrange your DJ, minister, guest shuttle transportation, catering, help set up your host provided decor, create a detailed timeline, walk you through floor plans, seating charts and ceremony setups, plus all of the other necessary day of details. Then on the big day, you’re assigned a day of coordinator, who coordinates with our catering staff, your photographer, DJ, and minister/officiant to ensure everything is running on time and/or makes everyone aware of any last minute changes or delays.  If you still want to work with an outsider planner feel free – just set up a meeting between us and them so we can ensure that everyone knows in advance who is responsible for what on your special day! 

Estimates are a work in progress
When you book with Stanley’s, all you lock in is your chosen venue, ceremony time & date. The rest of the details stay fluid throughout the planning process. Meaning as your guest count becomes more firm, or your ideas & needs change your estimate will to. You can cancel major services (DJ, Officiant, Décor, Catering) up until 6 months prior to your wedding without penalty. Smaller services (linen choices, menu choices, etc) can be adjusted up until 90 days prior to your wedding. Guest count isn’t due until 45 days prior to your wedding.

Wow! This is great! Is there anything Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm doesn’t do?
We work hard to make your special day as enjoyable and stress free as possible! That being said we can’t do it all! In house we do not create wedding cakes, design fresh flower arrangements or bouquets, design invitations, table menus or seating charts, book hotel rooms, nor can we hire your photographer or videographer. Of course we have a great list of professionals that we work with on a regular basis that we can recommend who will take great care of you!


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