Ceremony Sites

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The Stone Steps

Our most popular site! Surrounded by towering maples, and nestled between 2 large flower beds. Make a dramatic entrance down by way of the Maple Lane, with one of our horse drawn carriages.



The Maples Crossing

Say your vows on a rustic bridge, featuring a double waterfall that cascades down through river rock to our koi pond. Surrounded by Cedars, rail fence, seasonal plants & flowers the Maples Crossing is a gorgeous backdrop for your “I Do’s”


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The Waterfall

Just steps away from the Stonehouse Hall, the waterfall garden is a gorgeous setting for smaller ceremonies. Surrounded by lush seasonal gardens and raised slightly from the rest of the farm this site offers the relaxing calm of running water and amazing views of the Maples below.


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The Pergola

The newest addition to the farm! Say your vows under the Add a personal touch with your own fresh flowers, or talk to our decor team to see what creative twist they can come up with. Freshly planted vines & wisteria will add a fairytale touch to this site!


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The Glade

A rustic swing, wrought iron bench, garden arch, and freestanding clock are just a few of the unique features the glade has to offer. Wind your way through the twisting path over the footbridge to the love of your life and say your vows among overflowing flowerbeds & gardens.


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The Gazebo

Tradition with a twist! At the edge of a clearing, just steps away from the breathtaking maple lane. Our Victorian style gazebo adds a touch of classic romance to your special day.



The Cedars

Transport your guests by horse drawn sleigh through our snow covered bush, to a clearing surrounded by towering cedars. Add a bonfire & spiked hot cocoa or cider for an added wintery touch.



The Apple Orchard  

Surrounded by a field stone wall our group of apple trees makes for a memorable back drop for an early spring or late fall wedding. Plenty of sunshine & shade allows for the comfort of your guests, with the nearby playground keeping the little ones busy.